Historically, for decades, many used trucks and cars have been imported, especially from Germany, due to the significant price difference compared to here. The internet has changed everything, and what used to be a business primarily for dealerships has now allowed individuals to access this market as well. Currently, there is still a high demand for trucks and specialized vehicles due to the anti-pollution policy changes adopted by major cities, which are increasingly spreading across the Spain. Additionally, the long delivery times for new trucks from almost all brands need to be taken into account. Unfortunately, in Spain, there are not many pre-owned or used vehicles available, and the few that exist are priced exorbitantly because there is still more demand than supply. For this reason, many transporters look to Europe where vehicles are more affordable, and there is a greater variety and quantity of used trucks and cars.

You may have noticed that in some parts of Europe, the truck you need is considerably cheaper, but you may have doubts. You’re not sure if that dealership is reliable, if the truck will be in good condition, if it can be registered in Spain, or what steps to follow, etc. Your fears are common because not everything can be homologated in Spain, and you wouldn’t be the first to import a used truck without being able to register it here. That is a problem because it would have cost time and money, as well as the need to search for another vehicle. Don’t take the risk and leave everything in the hands of a professional. Save time and money; we are better and faster! We have an extensive network of contacts and extensive experience in the homologation and registration of imported industrial vehicles from any European country. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to do so due to the constant regulatory changes.

The internet has changed everything, and what used to be a business exclusively for dealerships, the internet has now made that market accessible to individuals as well.


While our specialty is used trucks, we also handle the importation, homologation, and registration of semitrailers, vans, motorhomes, and cars.



The customer selects several used trucks, tractor-heads, or any other vehicle they are interested in and have seen advertised.


We evaluate the offers together and contact the sellers to inquire about the condition and request documentation.


After assessing the condition of the vehicles, a trip is planned to inspect and test them.


With assistance, we travel to where the trucks are located, check the ones previously selected, and choose the one that the customer likes the most.


Once chosen and confirmed to be in good condition, we negotiate prices and delivery terms.


The customer pays the truck directly to the seller.


Transport to the customer's chosen location is arranged, which can be either their facilities or ours.


If the customer decides to entrust the entire process to us, the vehicle is brought to our facilities, where we take care of the following: →

  • Homologation
  • Adapting the vehicle to Spanish regulations
  • Resolving any potential faults or issues with the truck
  • Passing the vehicle inspection (ITV)
  • Registering it
  • Handling the transport license, in the case of trucks.

Here are some of the vehicles imported over the years:


Primarily, our vehicle transport service is aimed at providing a service to customers who purchase one or more vehicles and need to transport them to their desired locations without losing days of revenue.

We also offer the option to rent one or more drivers to operate the vehicles for specific days or routes. This service is commonly requested by vehicle manufacturers and used car dealerships, with the latter also relying on us to inspect the vehicles before purchase



Not everyone knows or has the time to manage the sale of their trucks. It involves taking suitable and attractive photos, knowing where and how to advertise it, determining the selling price, dealing with and filtering potential buyers, which takes time and a lot of patience.

Do you want to sell one or several vehicles without worrying about these time-consuming tasks? We offer the option to offer the vehicle to dozens of dealerships across multiple continents for a quick sale to the highest bidder, if a fast sale is needed. Another possibility is managing the sale to carriers at a better price, but it requires more time and dedication. In both cases, we conduct a market analysis before setting a price; sometimes, the truck is worth more than you might think.

Here are some of the used trucks and semitrailers for which we have managed the sale:


It has to be assessed on an individual basis because each case is different, and not all vehicles require the same documents, certificates, and tests.

Certainly, that’s a smart way to purchase, as it ultimately saves you time and money. If you send us a link to where the vehicle is located, we will take care of contacting the seller and provide you with a turnkey quote.

Of course, we provide a detailed quote based on the entire turnkey importation. However, if you only want us to handle a part, that’s also possible. Ultimately, we want you to be satisfied with our services, no matter what.
These processes can be divided into several packages:

  1. Accompaniment and inspection
  2. Transportation
  3. Homologation
  4. Registration

Any of these processes can be individually contracted

Unfortunately, European and Spanish regulations change constantly, which limits the importation of some vehicles. Not everything can be homologated or registered in Spain. In fact, there are several cases of truckers who have purchased vehicles but couldn’t register them, leaving them with only one vehicle for spare parts

Depending on the type of vehicle and its characteristics, we arrange transportation using car transporters, low loaders, or by driving them on the road. Some trucks or sets, due to their dimensions, can only be transported by driving them on the road.