After nearly 25 years of experience in the world of industrial vehicles, I decided to found Pro-Truck Services to directly provide all the knowledge and experience I had previously applied and developed in large companies to the end customer. 

My beginnings in the transportation industry were humble; I started as a second driver on international routes for the Sertrans transport company when it was far from what it is now.

Over the years, I worked as a driver for various transportation companies until I decided to pursue my ambitions and embark on the adventure as an independent transporter.

Like many, the 2007 crisis caused a professional turning point in my life, and I spent several years as a buyer for the largest truck dealership in Europe, Bastrucks BV (now Basworld).

The desire to take on new challenges and apply my knowledge led me to my next role as Yard Manager at Autorec, a well-known truck scrapyard company.

Subsequently, I became a part of the used commercial vehicle sales team at MAN Truck & Bus Iberia in Barcelona.

As you can see, I have worked in almost every aspect of the transportation industry. I still have friends who are drivers from when I started as a driver myself, friends who are transporters from when I began my business, and clients who have become friends due to a good working relationship.

All these years and the various experiences I’ve had have seasoned me in the world of the commercial vehicle business and helped me understand the needs of both buyers and sellers. I know what a driver wants, I understand the demands of a transporter, and I can crunch the numbers that need to align for both the buying and selling entrepreneurs in the transport industry.

That's why I always give my 100% to my clients, aiming to be as resourceful and efficient as possible, applying the famous win-win principle.